Health and Education

Health and Education

Most local people know that Portland Centre has been a leisure centre and public baths for many years. With our takeover, we intend to build on Portland Centre’s reputation, bringing new activities and a new culture to the centre, which is welcoming, engaging and encouraging – in line with our organisations’ philosophies. We aim to attract new customers and adapt how the centre is used, making it more attractive to local people. As we will run Portland Centre as a business, our aspiration is for the centre to be used to full capacity. In addition, we will introduce new areas of work to the centre where FITC have considerable experience and success. These include a range of health and education projects which will be delivered at PC.


FITC’s work encompasses a range of health projects, which we have delivered for many years. We will continue to deliver this work and will bring many of these projects to Portland Centre. These include: occupational health, weight management, stop smoking, mental health, healthy hearts, substance misuse, healthy eating and lifestyle projects. All this work is in addition to the regular activities that are already delivered at Portland Centre.

Health at The Portland Centre

Working with our health funders and partners – NHS Nottingham City, Nottingham CityCare Partnership, Nottingham City Council, Nottingham CityCare Partnership, Comic Relief, Children in Need, Boots Charitable Trust and Heart Research UK, among others – we will continue to deliver this work to ensure that local people benefit from our expertise in an accessible venue at no cost. We intend to ensure that we make a significant contribution to the health of local people and will continue to design and develop health projects to support the people of Nottingham.

We are looking into ways of bringing a range of health clinics to Portland Centre meaning that people can access health care without having to go to traditional health centres. Having worked on the health agenda for a number of years, we have experienced that professional football clubs are able to attract hard-to-reach groups who might feel uncomfortable in traditional healthcare settings.

Our health projects are delivered all year round, so if you are interested in finding out more and would like to take part in our health projects, visit the health page of FITC’s website, which gives details on how to register: CLICK HERE.


FITC has delivered full-time education projects to students in Nottingham for over 12 years. Experience has shown that delivering education in a non-traditional setting enables many students to achieve who would not engage with traditional services. Using sport as the hook, we are able to re-engage marginalised young people in learning, enabling us to influence their behaviour positively.

Education at The Portland Centre

We have approximately 100 students registered to receive their full-time education with us on a number of different projects targeting young people aged 14 upwards.

As a flexible organisation, we regularly deliver different kinds of education projects. This means young people from a range of backgrounds and academic abilities benefit from the unique way we deliver education.

So if you’re interested in finding out more or to find out more about our education projects and to register to take part, visit the Education page of FITC’s website: CLICK HERE.