The Portland Centre

Historically, Portland Baths have been an important leisure facility for people in Nottingham for almost 100 years. Portland Baths was originally built in 1914 as a public wash and bath house and is one of few remaining similar facilities in the country. It is a traditional swimming pool, which was built when Imperial measurements were commonplace and is 33 yards long with changing cubicles alongside the pool.

Many people in Nottingham learnt to swim at Portland Baths and have fond memories of the pool. We intend to continue to operate the pool in a way which keeps current users, attracts former swimmers and gains new customers.

For many local people, Portland Baths has a great deal of charm as it is so different to modern facilities. We aim to retain this traditional style while offering high quality service and lessons. We aim to create an environment somewhere where people from the Meadows and further afield feel comfortable and enjoy swimming in the pool.