Birthday Parties

Make their birthday extra special with a party at The Portland Centre

Bouncy Castle – Soft Play- Football Coached – Room Hire- Disney Themed Pool Parties

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Birthday Party services
Football (with a coach)(Full hall - 1 hour)£54.00
Football (without a coach)(Full hall - 1 hour)£44.00
(Half hall - 1 hour)£22.00
Disney Themed Pool party
Frozen 2
Toy Story 4
Mickey & Friends
(includes 1 hour pool time then 1 hour room hire for party food)
Bouncy Castle(Ancillary Hall - 1 hour)£40.00
Studio Hire(1 hour)£27.50
Full Hall Hire(1 hour)£44.00
Ancillary Hall Hire(1 hour)£27.50
Soft Play (extra)Entire party time slot£10.00

Conditions of Booking

  1. After receiving a completed booking form, the booking is only accepted when payment is made.
  2. The manager reserves the right to cancel a booking for special events. Seven days notice will be given in writing to the hirer.
  3. The Manager reserves the right to withdraw the use of premises at any time, if in their opinion, they are unfit for use. The hiring fee in this event will be refunded, but no liability whatsoever will be accepted for any other expenditure incurred by the hiring organisation.
  4. In the event of any damage or injury being caused to the premises or any property of The Portland Centre by the hiring organisation or its servants or agents or anyone upon the centre, with the express or implied consent of the hiring organisation, or as a result of the use of the centre by the hiring organisation will, at its own expense make good all damage or injury, and in the event of its failure to do so within 21 days after the occurrence of such damage, The Portland Centre may make good such damage or injury and the hiring organisation will indemnify The Portland Centre against all proper costs, charges and expenses in respect thereof.
  5. Additional equipment required by the hiring organisation, other than that provided by The Portland Centre, is the sole responsibility of the hiring organisation.
  6. No organisation booking facilities at the premises may grant broadcasting or filming rights without the previous consent in writing of the Manager The Portland Centre reserves the right to take part in any negotiation, to be a party to the terms and conditions of agreement and to share any income or publicity derived there from in such a manner as the Manager of the centre and the hiring organisation shall agree in writing beforehand.
  7. All bookings are accepted on the understanding that any regulations made by the Manager for the safety or convenience of those using the premises and all statutory or local regulations must be strictly observed by the hiring organisation.
  8. Before the centre is used by the hiring organisation, a valid policy of insurance in the name of the hiring organisation against all liability in respect of any damage or loss which may be suffered by any persons other than The Portland Centre or the hiring organisation by reason of or arising directly or indirectly out of the use of the premises for the authorised purposes of the booking must be obtained. It must be clearly and unreservedly accepted by the hiring organisation that the adequacy of such policy of insurance is its own responsibility and The Portland Centre accepts no responsibility whatsoever in connection with any claim arising there under and the hiring organisation shall keep The Portland Centre indemnified against all liability whatsoever arising in connection with injury to third parties.
  9. Any event which proceeds beyond its time allotment is liable to an excess charge equivalent to at least twice the hourly booking fee, plus an additional charge for any labour and/or overtime costs involved, the decision of the Manager in this respect being absolute.
  10. Any equipment, property, personal possessions etc., whatsoever brought into the premises by the hiring organisation or members of it, is kept there at the risk of the hiring organisation and The Portland Centre accept no liability whatsoever for any damage or injury caused thereto, howsoever caused.
  11. All organisations, local authorities etc., who hire out a swimming pool for private use are responsible for ensuring that currently qualified life saving personnel are employed to supervise persons in the pool during the period of hire. Such persons not engage in any other activity.
  12. The Centre operates a no smoking policy.
  13. It is a condition of booking that all Clubs and organisations who hire facilities must forward the following documents to the Centre Manager before the booking is confirmed:
    1: Child Protection Policy.
    2: CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks for all coaches/instructors.
    3: List of coaches qualifications.
    4: Copy of Public Liability Insurance Certificate (up to £10,000,000 cover).
    5: TENS License (if applicable).
  14. Hours of hire included in set up and breakdown of equipment


A range of Membership Packages are available.


Our equipment meets the needs of people of all abilities and disabilities and we deliver inductions to ensure people use equipment safely and effectively. We can also prescribe appropriate exercise regimes.