Gymgear Fitness

Our Gymgear fitness gym is split over two levels. The ground floor is our weights area with the first floor dedicated to functional fitness and cardio vascular fitness.

All this equipment is housed in a comfortable, welcoming environment for all levels of physical fitness. Help and advice is on hand from our friendly, qualified staff.

The gym is open 7 days a week within the centre opening hours.

 At Portland Centre our gym consists of three rooms:

  • Cardio
  • Weights
  • Functional

Gymgear Fitness Cardio

Our cardio room features treadmills, bikes, cross-trainers, stair climbers, waves, rowers and an upper body ergo machine which is wheelchair friendly.

In this room you can work on your fitness and burn calories, all of the cardio equipment has pre-set workouts that you can enter in your age and weight to give a more accurate calorie reading.

The pre-set workouts also vary the intensity level throughout the workout to help your achieve your fitness goals.

Gymgear Fitness Weights

Our weights room has a mixture of machines and free weights to help tone and build muscle depending on your goals.

We have five cable stations that enable you to use a variety of attachments to do different exercise from a bicep curl with a bar to an outer thigh leg raise using an ankle strap. Our hand weights go from 2.5kg-40kg and our bar weights range from 10kg-35kg.

We have a smith machine that enables you to do exercises such as bar squats, chest presses, bar rows and many more.

Gymgear Fitness Functional

Our functional gym has kettlebells, medicine balls, box jumps, stability balls and a rig.

On our rig we have a TRX strap which you can perform a variety of core exercises from squat jumps to triceps extensions, you can do pull ups and it has monkey bars!

All of the functional kit is designed to target the core which consists of the abdominals and lower back.

We have trained staff that will induct you on all of the equipment a show you a variety of exercises you can do for different parts of the body on all our functional equipment.

In addition to the Gymgear equipment we have our easy line equipment which is now located on the balcony overlooking the sports hall.

The easy line equipment uses air pressure as a resistance not weight so is great for anyone new to exercise, recovering from an injury or for children aged 8-13 years old.


A range of Membership Packages are available.


Our equipment meets the needs of people of all abilities and disabilities and we deliver inductions to ensure people use equipment safely and effectively. We can also prescribe appropriate exercise regimes.