Sports Hall

Our sports hall measures 35m x 20m, which enables the space to be divided up for a range of different activities.

Portland Centre’s sports hall measures 35m x 20m, which enables the space to be divided up for different activities.

The hall, has a capacity of 200 and is line marked for:

  • Five-a-side football
  • Four badminton courts
  • One full-size and three small basketball courts
  • One netball court
  • Two volley ball courts

The space can also be used for a wide range of other sports such as indoor bowling, cricket, table tennis, futsal, short tennis, martial arts and gymnastics, among many others.

There is also a small hall which measures 16m x 11m and has the space/is line marked for:

  • One badminton court
  • Space for a variety of activities, including; martial arts, boxing, children’s parties and circuit training

The small hall can be the perfect solution to accommodate large groups and offers extra space for physical and social activities with early years and other groups. Our sports halls are available for hire seven days a week during opening times.

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Price List

Sports Halls

Main Hall: £44.00 per hour
Half Hall: £22.00 per hour
Small Hall: £27.50 per hour

Sports Hall Party

Bouncy Castle Party: from £44.00 per hour
Coached Football or Cricket Party: £54.00 per hour

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