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*Minimum age of booking is 16. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

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Portland Squash League

The Portland Squash League will run over 2 calendar months, starting on the 4th. During this time, the players in each league will contact each other and arrange to play their matches. The Portland Squash league is self-driven by its participants. It will be successful if all players make the effort to contact each other, turn up and complete the matches.

Points System

Points are awarded in the following fashion: 3/0 – 3/1 – 3/2 – Walkover = 2/0

All players receive a bonus point for every game played.

  • Your total score will be added up and then put in a table to find your final ranking in the league.
  • Scores MUST be entered onto the notice board immediately after your match.
  • Enter your final match score in games (ie. 3/0, 3/2 etc) into the relevant boxes on the sheets on the Notice Board. The software and the team will do the rest.
  • The leagues are taken down to add up the scores at 8.00PM on the last day of the league. Any scores not submitted by this time will not be counted. Any queries about scores entered must also come in before 8pm on the last day.

Points System

Player #1
Player #2
Player #3
Player #4
Player #5

Joining the league

  • New players will be entered at the beginning of a new league starting. Please provide both your email and contact number by either calling 0115 859 9968 or CLICK HERE to email.
  • The league is FREE to join for all players and abilities.
  • New members will start in the bottom league unless you request to be put in at a higher league. The League organiser will then make the decision on where you start.
  • You cannot enter the leagues while it’s in progress.

Organising matches

There isn’t a set rule as to which player contacts the other, however “reasonable effort” must be made to contact the other people in your league.

Contact details can be found at the Portland Centre reception and will also be sent to all players via email.

If you have made good attempts at making contact with someone in your league and had no response by the 20th of the second month – please report this to the league organiser.

Scoring each match

Matches will be best of 5 games:

  • Games are first to 11 points, rally point scoring (points scored on any serve) If it is 10 – 10, you continue until a player is 2 points clear.
  • If both players agree, AND ONLY IF BOTH AGREE, then you can revert to another scoring system.

Promotion and Relegation

  • The player scoring the most amount of points will be promoted as Champion, or deemed Champion of the Squash League if in Div 1;
  • The player scoring the next most amount of points will be promoted as runner up;
  • The players scoring the 2 lowest amount of points will be relegated;
  • In the event of two players being tied on points, a head-to-head will take precedent.

Injury / Pulling out the league

If you would like to drop out of the Portland Squash League please be considerate to your other league players. You need to notify the league organiser in advance of the next league starting by contacting reception or by emailing the league organiser.

  • Please declare if you get INJURED/or are unable to continue playing to all players in your league as well as the league organiser.
  • When an injury is declared while a league is running – all points gained will be cancelled for all matches that the player has played. Therefore making the league fair for all players.


The league organiser will decide if a claimed walkover is valid. To request a walkover you must contact the league organiser. Please state the reason for your request and any evidence.

  • A walkover will be awarded if a player fails to turn up for an arranged match.
  • A walkover will be awarded if a player is unable to make contact with another player, getting no response. These requests must be submitted no later than the 20th of the month.
  • If a player is injured or has opted out of the league, than a walkover cannot be claimed.


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