Fitness Studio

Portland Centre has a large fitness studio on the first floor

The fitness studio has full length mirrors running its length and a sound system. This allows teachers to put on some fun and energising or relaxing music for their classes. Get fit, meet new people and make friends through one of our exciting classes.

We add new courses throughout the year so keep checking for updates.

To book your place on a class call 0115 859 9968.

Fitness StudioPrice
Aerobics/Fitness Class£4.50
Studio Hire£27.50 per hour

Group Exercise & Studio Etiquette

To ensure we offer a consistent quality of service we would ask all customers kindly to adhere to our group exercise and studio etiquette:

  • Please do not enter the class until the current class has finished
  • Please be on time. If you are more than 5 minutes late and the warm up has ended, you will not be allowed entry
  • If you are new to the class, please speak with instructor prior to the start of the class to gain insight on the format so they can give you some helpful tips
  • From January 2018 all classes will be bookable up to a week in advance, this can be done at reception or by calling up over the phone and booking your space
  • If you pre-book and do not attend the class, you will be given a strike. If you receive 3 strikes within a 5 week period you will not be able to pre book a class for the following 2 weeks
  • Water must be brought to the class in an unbreakable bottle, please ensure this is filled before the class, the instructor will give you breaks during the class to refill this
  • Under NO circumstances are the following footwear acceptable; flip flops, sandals, jeans or work boots
  • Appropriate attire must be worn. Trainers are requires for all classes accept Pilates/ yoga
  • Please save conversions/ discussions between other class participants until the end of the class, talking in a class may distract the instructor and other customers trying to follow instruction.
  • We recommend you bring a towel
  • All equipment should be returned to the correct storage area once the class has finished
  • Please place litter in the bin provided
  • If your health changes, please advise the instructor who will be able to offer you alternative exercises
  • Only children aged 8 and up may attend the boxing class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
  • If a class has been cancelled and you are already booked onto it, we will make every effort to contact you, unless you have requested otherwise.

Failure to respect and adhere to our etiquette may result in you being asked to leave the class/facility. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Updated 26/7/18