Prices and Memberships

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All our memberships include use of our gym, studio classes and 30m swimming pool + a full induction and one-2-one program with a fully qualified trainer.


From £3

Per activity

Pay for only the facilities you need.

Get access to our fully equipped gymnasium fitted with state-of-the-art Pulse Fitness equipment

Access to any classes on our studio timetable

Access to our 30m swimming pool, squash courts and sports hall for a range of activities


From £14.99

+ Joining fee


From £9.99

No Joining fee!

Upfront Payment Options

14 for 12 = Getting 14 months membership for the price of 12 when you pay up front.

7 for 6 = Getting 7 months membership for the price of 6 when you pay up front

Definitions / Terms of Contract

Pay as you go = No commitment, come as much or as little as you want, pay a set charge each time.

Flexi Membership  = £20.00 joining fee / no contract / cancel giving 30 days notice in writing

Monthly Membership = No joining fee / cheaper monthly price / 12 month contract

Suspension = put your membership on hold available for 12 month/annual contracted customers and is charged at £5.00 per month (minimum of two months max of 4 months)

Upgrades = Month by month members can change their membership at any time, however a joining fee will be charged for the new membership. 12 month/annual members can also do this, but their 12 month term will start again once they change onto a new membership.